🌈welcome !!!🌈

🌈hiya, i'm billy/manny !!

🌈this is my website !! it's kinda a blog, i dunno really !! i just wanna have my own place without social media !!

🌈i'm not too sure what to put here, to be honest !! i have buttons on the left side of the screen that lead to different pages, so...what should go here ? a picture ? a biography ? random fun facts ? did you know that parasaurs' crests could grow up to 6 feet ?? cool, right ?

🌈in general, i'd rate my content pg !! nothing offensive or sad but maybe some people wouldn't like some things ? BUT i would rate my vent page 14 plus maybe !! it's gonna have some upsetting stuff there !! there's a content warning page, though, so if you click on the button it'll bring you to the warning page and then you can get to the vent page !! hooray for caring about people's needs !! :D (as of the 11th of june 2023, my vent blog is archived !)

🌈weeeeeelllll, i can't think of what else to write !!! i mean, i have projects i wanna do sometime maybe ? but i don't think those are gonna happen anytime soon...i draw !!! i like to draw ! is that something cool to write ? is that cool ? i dunno !!! okay bye bye !!!

rainbow text test

🌈my neocities mutuals !! (i'll change this font later !)